Marriages, Sept. 6, 2014

Sukhjit Dial, Livingston and Sukhpal Singh, Manteca, Aug. 26

Melissa Bosley and Antonio Gonzalez Jr., Merced, Aug. 26

Jessica Lane, Ballico and Matthew Wooding, Atwater, Aug. 26

Ariana Faria and Jason George, Los Banos, Aug. 26

Matthew Salles and Cassie Coelho, Merced, Aug. 27

Adam Hamilton and Rebecca Kruczyk, Atwater, Aug. 27

Thomas Machado III and Maria Machado, Hilmar, Aug. 27

Maria Reyes and Ricardo Enriquez, Stevinson, Aug. 28

Terriel McKee and Marvellis Weathers, Los Banos, Aug. 28

Kathy Lopez and Candelario Oliveros, Los Banos, Aug. 28

Kelsey Furtado and Marc Anthong, Gustine, Aug. 28

Jared Fischer and Deirdre Bayne, Turlock, Aug. 29

Ana Carrillo and Javier Andrade, Chowchilla, Aug. 29

Evelyn Escobedo, Dos Palos, and Jose Fuentes, South Dos Palos, Aug. 29

Maria Canas and Juan Flores Garcia, Los Banos, Aug. 29

Juvenal Herrera and Livier Flores, Newman, Aug. 29

Deborah Johnson and Larry Rushin, Merced, Aug. 29

Felipe Gutierrez and Maria Muro, Los Banos, Sept. 2

Zachary Gomes and Kimberly Speer, Merced, Sept. 2

Wences Jimenez-Urrutia and Ma Cruz Andrade, Winton, Sept. 2

Leslie Day and Kevin Ware, Merced, Sept. 2

Alicia Carrillo, Denair, and Orlando Gloria, Camp Pendleton, Sept. 2

Joseph Becker and Sheri Ashlock, Atwater, Sept. 2

Armando Oseguera, Le Grand, and Mary O’Hagan, Merced, Sept. 3

Guillermo Diaz and America Tapia, Atwater, Sept. 3

Kevin Griffin and Lauren Stemple, Merced, Sept. 3

Ying Yang and Lee Ye, Fresno, Sept. 3

Frank Borba and Kate Magneson, Turlock, Sept. 3

Ricky Hernandez and Tabatha Jefferson, Winton, Sept. 3