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Tech world reacts to Samsung’s massive new monitor

Samsung’s CHG90 monitor.
Samsung’s CHG90 monitor.

If you’re a hardcore computer gamer – or if you’ve ever wanted dozens upon dozens of Excel spreadsheet columns visible at the same time – you may be in luck.

Samsung unveiled its new ultrawide monitor, the CHG90, in a statement released Friday. Intended for gaming, the curved 49-inch display will be the widest monitor on the market. It’s essentially the size of two normal monitors side by side.

Media reaction to the monitor so far has been varied. Some are impressed; others find the monitor excessive.

Writing for Business Insider, Antonio Villas-Boas called the CHG90 “crazy,” but also “great for multitasking.” A headline for The Verge referred to it as “basically just half a TV at this point,” and VentureBeat called it “unnecessarily wide.”

At any rate, the monitor’s specifications are comparable to a Samsung HDTV, promising better color and faster response times than normal monitors, Business Insider reported.

The CHG90 will retail for $1,499 and is available for preorder.