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Davis firm’s pest control products cleared for use on California cannabis crops

Davis biotech firm Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. said Monday that three active ingredients in four of its pest control products are now legal for use on cannabis crops grown in the California market.

The company said the ingredients for products developed and owned by the company, known as MBI, are on the California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s newest posting of “Legal Pest Management Practices for Cannabis Growers in California.”

“We are pleased to meet the demand by the fast-growing number of cannabis growers in California and many other states,” said Pam Marrone, company founder and CEO. “We have seen the cannabis industry quickly emerge as an important segment for MBI.

“Our products are transforming cannabis production through the reduction of toxic chemicals and pesticide residues that are harmful to both the environment and to people.”

Marrone added that the company also is “working with industry experts around the country to develop cannabis-specific special local need labels in states where it is currently legal to market and sell medicinal and/or adult use cannabis. Where allowed by state governments, these labels will provide product use information that is more detailed to cannabis cultivation practices.”

The Davis firm says its products are a logical alternative to pesticides that won’t otherwise pass safety standards. The company says its products are safe for cannabis growers, their customers and the environment, and are approved for use in organic production.

The brand names of the four MBI products with approved ingredients for use on cannabis crops are: Regalia biofungicide, used to control a wide variety of bacterial and fungal diseases, and bioinsecticides Grandevo and Venerate XC, which protect against chewing and sucking insects and mites, plus various soil-inhabiting pests. Majestene, a natural broad-spectrum bionematicide, controls roundworms on a wide range of agricultural crops.

The four MBI products previously were used on conventional and organic food crops grown in California.

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