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Elon Musk rants on Twitter that he's starting a candy company to spite Warren Buffett

In a Twitter rant Saturday, billionaire tech innovator and investor Elon Musk said he is "super super serious" about starting a candy company.

His supposed, sudden plan to create his own confection empire ("Cryptocandy," he elaborated in a one-word tweet) appears to be part of an obscure, ongoing mini-feud with fellow billionaire Warren Buffett. Buffett is the owner of Berkshire Hathaway, which in turn owns Bay Area-based See's Candies.

As explained by Fortune, Musk has vocally disagreed with Buffett regarding "moats," a metaphor the latter created to describe companies' big competitive advantages over one another. Musk called moats "lame."

During the recent Berkshire shareholder meeting, Buffett disagreed, adding that Musk wouldn't dare challenge his company in the candy market, Fortune reported.

And so Musk's seven-hour Twitter rant began, either as a means of mocking Buffett or an elaborate excuse to pursue his dream of starting a candy enterprise.

Another tweet by Musk: "Ok ok, just for sake of argument, what do u wish for in candy?" followed by a lollipop emoji.

The obvious sarcasm behind Musk's "super serious" plan doesn't necessarily mean he won't follow through with it to some extent. Musk launched his own personal Tesla electric car toward Mars' orbit during a SpaceX launch; days earlier, he announced the Boring Company would sell a functioning flamethrower to the general public. So for Musk, the CEO of all of those companies, it seems hard to rule out anything as impossible.

Musk resides in Los Angeles, half a continent away from rival Buffett's base in Omaha. Musk's companies are all headquartered in California — SpaceX and Boring in the Los Angeles area, Tesla and Neuralink near Silicon Valley.