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Good news at Sacramento gas pumps: price well below state average

If there was anything positive to take away from AAA’s statewide gas price survey for July, released Tuesday, it was this: Sacramento motorists are not paying nearly as much as other California residents.

AAA said the average price of unleaded regular gas in Sacramento was $4.04 a gallon, up 3 cents from the June 10 survey. That was well below the statewide average of $4.14 a gallon, also up 3 cents from June. The Northern California average came in at $4.11.

The Northern California region’s lofty price was boosted in part by an average of $4.24 per gallon in San Francisco. In Eureka, it was $4.28 a gallon.

The least expensive average price in Northern California on Tuesday was in Marysville, at $3.94 per gallon.

Nationally, unleaded regular was going for $3.65, unchanged from June.

“State gas prices could continue to hold steady as there are no dire consequences to oil exports at the present time,” said Cynthia Harris, AAA Northern California spokeswoman. “That, combined with ample crude oil supplies nationwide, has kept fuel expenditures for consumers on a steady trend.”