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Opening of big Citrus Heights casino could bring traffic congestion

Citrus Heights police warn that the official opening of a large casino on Antelope Road could bring traffic congestion Friday night.

Stones Gambling Hall in the 6500 block of Antelope Road near Interstate 80 celebrates its grand opening beginning at 4 p.m. Friday. The event at the huge casino, bar and restaurant is expect draw large crowds and cause traffic delays.

Police ask that motorists take alternate routes to avoid any delays and be aware of pedestrians crossing streets in the area.

Stones will be the largest gambling emporium in Sacramento County. The business opens in a long-dormant shopping center.

Kings Casino LLC of San Diego has invested $15 million in the venture, which includes two card rooms and a 180-seat bar and restaurant.

Developer Ryan Stone hired 400 employees, including dealers, cashiers, cooks, bartenders, waiters and security guards. A Citrus Heights municipal official said the establishment could become the largest employer in the city of about 84,000.

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