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Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac moves into new facilities at Fulton and El Camino avenues

Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac on Monday completed its move into new facilities at the corner of Fulton and El Camino avenues in Sacramento.

Dealership General Manager Brian Castonguay said the main showroom and business office opened last Thursday, and the parts/service operations moved into their new facilities over the weekend.

The opening completes a series of moves that started in 2010, when Castonguay moved his Buick, GMC, Cadillac and Saab operations from the Hubacher Auto Center at Howe Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard into former Hummer facilities once run by longtime local dealer Mike Daugherty at 2341 Fulton Ave. After Daugherty sold his adjacent Chevy store in July that year, Castonguay set up Kuni Chevrolet at the side-by-side location, 2449 Fulton Ave., promising to build a new showroom. He broke ground on the new 55,000-square-foot complex on 5.5 acres in September 2013.

Castonguay was hopeful of preserving the large, round clock that was a decades-long landmark in the center roofline of the former Mike Daugherty Chevrolet building, but the 50-year-old clock fell apart during the demolition process. However, Castonguay said a cooperative effort with Sacramento County led to the construction of a free-standing clock, which will be unveiled soon

“Sacramento County has worked with us on this, and I think when it’s unveiled, it will complete a very nice-looking corner, something that the community will like and be proud of,” Castonguay said.