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Ex-Sarta CEO joins ‘dream team’ at Valley Vision

Valley Vision, the nonprofit focused on economic, environmental and social issues in the Sacramento region, on Wednesday announced that it has hired Meg Arnold, the just-departed CEO of the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance.

Arnold is a project leader of a new Business Continuity Initiative to help small and medium-size businesses know how to prepare maintain their operations in the event of natural disasters like fires, floods and drought. She will work for Valley Vision on a part-time contract basis.

Arnold joins three other women who recently have joined Valley Vision to assume major roles in the nonprofit’s management, planning and projects.

Christine Ault, the former project manager of Next Economy, joined Valley Vision in September as an independent consultant. She will help oversee communications, marketing and public outreach.

Trish Kelly has been serving as a Valley Vision senior vice president since July, and Evan Schmidt is a Valley Vision program manager who since last spring has been involved in two major workforce development initiatives.

In a media release, Valley Vision CEO Bill Mueller characterized the four as a “dream team.”

Valley Vision said the four managers will be involved in a widely varying projects, from food accessibility to data evaluation to fostering Internet access in underserved communities.

In a phone interview, Ault said Valley Vision is adopting a more team-oriented approach to operations.