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Ski industry pours $564 million into Tahoe economy, study says

The ski industry generated $564.5 million worth of economic impact on Lake Tahoe’s economy last season, according to a study by San Francisco State University.

The study of the 2013-14 ski season comes as the Tahoe region struggles with a long slide in tourism, the result of the rise of Indian casinos in Northern California. Tahoe has been trying to reinvent itself as an international tourism destination, and the study notes that overseas travelers accounted for 3.4 percent of skier visits.

Overall, skiers generated $427.7 million in direct spending last season, according to the study by Patrick Tierney, chairman of the university’s Recreation, Parks and Tourism Department. Adjusting for secondary spending, including dollars spent by businesses that work with the Tahoe ski resorts, the total economic impact came to $564.5 million.

The single largest category of spending was food and drink, a total of $98.2 million. Lift tickets and passes came in second at $90.9 million.

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