Cathie Anderson

Cathie Anderson: Courtyard Marriott near UC Davis Medical Center undergoing multimillion-dollar renovation

Cathie Anderson
Cathie Anderson

Rim Hospitality bought the Courtyard Marriott near UC Davis Medical Center a little more than a year ago, and the Newport Beach-based company is investing millions of dollars in renovating the property’s guest rooms and public spaces.

The remodeling began in February and is expected to be done in June, said Genii Reynolds, director of sales and marketing at the hotel. It will affect the 139 guest rooms, an auditorium that seats 200, the Orchid Room meeting space plus its adjacent bar, and the public restrooms.

“Our property’s really held up well over the last decade,” Reynolds said. “It’s really nice that we get to take advantage of one of the latest Courtyard design packages for the sleeping rooms.”

The 30-year-old Rim Hospitality owns about 80 properties, about a dozen of them in the Sacramento region. Besides the Courtyard Marriott near the medical center, Rim’s other local properties include the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Natomas, the Residence Inn in Natomas and the Hampton Inn & Suites on North Sunrise Avenue in Roseville.

No controlling this guy

T-shirt designer Matt Brickley sold hundreds of thousands of garments at various e-tail sites, but those companies didn’t share customer information with him. He founded Sacramento’s Print Aura to gain control for creators like himself.

“I worked with a lot of different companies who would do all the printing and the shipping of the shirts for me, and I would get commissions,” Brickley explained. “The problem was, I wasn’t in control.”

Brickley and other T-shirt designers typically do not produce, print or ship their own products. Rather, they contract with fulfillment companies that take the orders and produce the shirts as the orders are placed. These companies don’t share access to customer emails, addresses or phone numbers, so the designers can’t invite buyers to review other designs. The designers will never know if one customer bought multiple shirts. If a fulfillment company drastically lowers its commissions, something that happened to Brickley on a number of occasions, the designers can’t just up and leave because they don’t know if their customers will find them in a new marketplace.

“You’re not technically building a business, a relationship or a brand,” Brickley said. “All you’re doing is getting your stuff out there. …You’re at their mercy.”

Brickley’s lets designers maintain control of their customer information, and it lets them choose their printer, product colors and markup. The Print Aura app is downloadable and compatible with the e-commerce sites Etsy, Shopify, Storenvy and WordpressWooCommerce.

“You can have your own return label on the outside of the package,” Brickley said. “You can have your own packing sleeve with your brand. You can have your own label printed inside the shirt. What that did was let people have their own brand and focus on design and marketing and don’t worry about the rest. We’ll print and ship it.”

Digging in at food bank

If you show up at the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services at 11 a.m. on Garden Day, their volunteers will teach you how to grow your own food and become more self-sufficient.

“A lot of the families we serve are not knowledgeable about where food was coming from or had any idea that if they grew it themselves, they could provide for themselves at an incredibly reduced cost,” said Kelly Siefkin, the food bank’s communications and development director. “When people started attending all the free classes that we offer, they got more and more excited about this idea that they could be self-sufficient.”

Usually, those free classes are available only to people who have limited financial resources, but Garden Day is open to everyone, regardless of income level. It’s this Friday. Registration and demonstrations begin at 11 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. There will be classes on container gardening, square-foot gardening, vermicomposting, cooking and more in the demonstration garden at the agency’s Oak Park campus, 3333 Third Ave.

“You can grow an eggplant and be super-excited about it and really proud,” Siefkin said, “but if you don’t know how to cook it, we haven’t really succeeded.”

Don’t qualify for the free classes but wish you did? Siefkin suggests you sign up to become a volunteer. The food bank offers volunteer classes several times a year, and you can find out more at

Editor’s note: Because of outdated information on the Rim Hospitality website, three hotels were incorrectly listed as being in the company’s portfolio. This article was amended April 22 to provide hotels currently owned by Rim Hospitality.