Cathie Anderson

Cathie Anderson: Demand for gluten-free goodies fuels growth at Pushkin’s Bakery in Sacramento

Sacramento’s demand for gluten-free treats is fueling rapid growth for Pushkin’s Bakery, which opened in February 2013. Owners Danny and Olga Turner plan to open a 4,000-square-foot production facility by July.

“All the baking will be done at the retail space,” Danny Turner said. “This new facility is for new growth at grocery stores, and we’re working on trying to open more locations ... . Everything that is involved in baking, before the actual baking process, is going to be done in this new facility, and then we send the doughs and the pre-made mixes to the retail spots where they can be baked on site and sold there. The reason we’re doing that is we’ve completely run out of space.”

The Turners added refrigeration to their commercial van to transport the dough and pre-made products. At their retail bakery, 1820 29th St. in Sacramento, they are expanding their menu with sandwiches made on their gluten-free breads and Temple coffee. Last month, the couple began offering patio seating outside the bakery.

“I built everything,” Danny Turner said. “I used bread molds that we bake our breads in, and that’s what the planter boxes are made out of.”

He and his wife were the sole employees for eight months as they got Pushkin’s established. They now employ seven other people.