Cathie Anderson

2 Sacramentans want to change the world with new app

Days before a June 4 introduction of their new baby, a mobile app that makes the world a much smaller place, Sacramento natives Blake Mori and John Parilo took it along on their road trip to the BottleRock music festival in Napa Valley.

With the app, known as wimZr, travelers can introduce themselves to locals or other travelers who will be in the same place at the same time. But Mori and Parilo weren’t looking to find friends or dates at BottleRock. They wanted consumer reaction - and they got plenty.

“People were downloading it on the spot,” Mori said. “Everyone from Bottle Rock was saying, ‘Oh, I wish we could have done this before we got to BottleRock.’”

The thing is, the concert-goers wanted to find only people who had come to Napa for the music festival. Parilo and Mori had planned to add an “events” category to their app in six months to a year, thinking other updates should come earlier. But after BottleRock, they put their plans - and egos - aside.

“You have to let the people dictate what makes you valuable because you can’t say, ‘No, come back. It should be this way,’” Mori said. The last thing we want is for somebody to come out and make an app doing just what we’re doing, but just for events, because that could put us behind the 8-ball.”

Mori and Parilo hope to add an events search to the app within a couple of months. The free app is available for both iPhone and Android. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions at