Cathie Anderson

Cathie Anderson: Music coach salutes Sacramento-area trio who took big risks on ABC show

Cathie Anderson
Cathie Anderson

Daniel Hayes doesn’t want to be the kind of music coach who’s so worried about his reputation that he doesn’t encourage his students to take risks.

On Monday as Hayes drove back to Roseville from Los Angeles, where three of his vocal coaches competed in ABC-TV’s “Rising Star,” he was at peace with how things turned out for Cassie Nutter, Lauren Ona and Jessica Teddington. The vocal trio, known as Trinitii, sang Ariana Grande’s “Problem” in their first performance on the show but weren’t able to generate the 70 percent vote needed to remain in the contest.

“We really believe in pushing our students to take risks and do things they never thought in their lives they could do, and Trinitii is a good example of that,” Hayes said. “If I was too worried about being the owner of my school to never work with them for that opportunity, then they never would have been in the top 30.”

Judge Brad Paisley said they lacked the kind of choreography that would make them a cohesive group. Ironically, Hayes said, producers told the women to stay in one place rather than choreograph a routine.

“When you start, it’s all talent-based, and when you get on the show, it’s a TV show,” Hayes said. “They’re looking for a certain thing, and they ask you to do a certain thing. A lot of the time, you don’t have a choice in the matter.”

Hayes, a graduate of Elk Grove High School, studied voice at California State University, Sacramento, but left to play in a band with Radio Disney. In 2005, he decided to make a living giving voice lessons. Back then, he worked out of his one-bedroom apartment in Rocklin but has since opened four studios in Rocklin, Granite Bay, Elk Grove and Glendora. SING INC. has roughly 450 students, and Hayes said they love being pushed to perform, whether it’s in a local showcase or in auditions for network TV competitions.

“We’ve had people on ‘Idol,’ ” Hayes said. “We’ve had Lindsey Pavao on ‘The Voice,’ who was very successful. We’ve had the girl group called Paradise on ‘The X Factor.’ We’ve had Christian Hollingsworth on ‘The X Factor.’ ”