Cathie Anderson

Access Sacramento will become radio broadcaster by September

Access Sacramento officially will become a radio broadcaster sometime in September as it begins to test the antenna, transmitter and other equipment it is ordering for a new low-power, 100-watt FM station. Listeners will be able to find the station at 96.5 KUBU-LP.

Public officials agreed to allocate the $50,000 needed to buy the equipment because KUBU will broadcast live meetings of three governing bodies: Sacramento City Council, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission, said Gary Martin, executive director for Access Sacramento. He plans a launch ceremony in early October.

Until now, the 60 or so volunteer deejays who already produce audio programming for Access Sacramento could only be heard on the Internet or on cable TV channels where Access Sacramento broadcast a community bulletin board.

Martin has found the community response to a radio station to be nothing short of amazing, he said.

“Even as we began to promote the fact that we had gotten the license, eight or nine months ago..., the number of people who have been coming to our free orientation session who are interested in radio or television has increased dramatically,” he said. “For a $30 membership fee, people in Sacramento County who have something to share now can have an even bigger voice, a bigger broadcast capacity because KUBU will be over-the-air from downtown Sacramento.”