Cathie Anderson

Roseville Cyclery doubles sales projected for its first year

The number of specialty bicycle retailers continues to decline, so the owners of Roseville Cyclery were tickled pink to tell me that not only had they survived their first year in business but had doubled their gross revenue.

Careful readers of this column will recall that Roseville Police Officer Tim Guter joined with husband-and-wife Oliver and Yi Bell to open this business last July at 404 Vernon St. in downtown Roseville. Oliver Bell met Guter when the self-described cycling fanatic showed up at a shop that Bell managed and asked to volunteer. Bell’s first assignment for the new recruit: Clean the bathrooms.

All three owners have become familiar with that task over the last year, Bell said, but they also have more clearly defined their roles. Oliver Bell manages the shop, Guter handles the accounting and Yi Bell supervises marketing, community outreach and the website.

They started with three employees but now have eight people working for them. Two of the eight are mountain bike racers at Woodcreek High School in Roseville. Rosevile Cyclery sponsors the mountain bike team there and at Roseville High School. The bike shop also sponsors adult racing teams and sends its mechanics out to regional cycling events to help riders with repairs. Consequently, Roseville Cyclery’s T-shirts and cycling jerseys are worn by many people considered knowledgeable about the sport.

“All of that’s worked out really well for us from a business perspective and from a marketing perspective,” Oliver Bell said. “Just think about a high school racer. They’ve got to get a bike. Well, when they start riding, Dad starts riding. Mom starts riding, and younger siblings start riding. Then it becomes a family activity, and we’re seeing a lot of that.”