Cathie Anderson

Cathie Anderson: Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gets new leader

The board of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announced Friday that Cathy Rodriguez has been named president and chief executive officer of the organization.

Rodriguez joined the chamber staff as director of events and marketing in 2011, and in that role, she worked with then-CEO Alice Perez to align the organization’s mission with its values. Rodriguez has been a volunteer with the organization for many years, and she was named volunteer of the year in 2003. Perez became president and CEO of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in mid-May.

Rodriguez, a former public affairs manager for The Sacramento Bee, picked up the phone herself at the chamber’s headquarters, 1491 River Park Drive, where she was busy preparing for the organization’s 22nd Jalapeño Golf Classic at Morgan Creek Golf Club in Roseville. (It’s Monday by the way, and you can still sign up for the tournament at the chamber’s website.) Rodriguez stopped a moment to discuss her biggest long-range goal for the organization.

“What I want to end up doing is having a research institute here,” she said, “so that when anyone’s looking for demographics...on the Hispanic community, they can find it here.”

Rodriguez said she’s been researching the topic and found that the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce in Texas has already created such an institute, partnering with a university there to do the research.

“They actually do conferences with white papers talking about everything from advocacy to immigration or the economic development in that region,” said Rodriguez.

At the same time, Rodriguez said, she’ll continue to work on getting small businesses certified for government procurement opportunities.