Cathie Anderson

Anderson: Roseville’s ASR Restaurant gives new worth to Crush 29, Suede Blue gift cards

The owner of Roseville’s new ASR Restaurant & Lounge, at 390 N. Sunrise Ave., is offering a deal to diners holding gift cards from his recently shuttered neighbors, Crush 29 and Suede Blue.

Harwinder Bisla told me that he and Chef Vincent Paul Alexander decided together that they would honor gift cards up to $100. Here’s how it will work: Customers turn in their gift cards at ASR, and the restaurant staff will issue them promotional gift cards in $25 increments, up to $100. Bisla is hoping that patrons will then redeem the cards one at a time over four separate meals.

“I cannot afford to give hundreds of dollars away at one time – or thousands, which is what it will probably turn out to be,” Bisla said, “but I can honor $25 off each meal.”

The maximum amount Bisla will redeem for each guest is $100, he said, and he asks that customers drop by from 2 to 4 p.m. any day of the week. Hurry though, because the offer may end by Sept. 30.