Cathie Anderson

Anderson: El Dorado County's Miraflores makes big-screen debut

The staff at El Dorado County’s Miraflores Winery are eagerly anticipating the West Coast release of one independent film, “Last Weekend,” because one of their wine bottles gets a cameo role.

The film stars Emmy Award-winning actress Patricia Clarkson as an eccentric matriarch who gathers her adult children at her Lake Tahoe estate over a long Labor Day weekend. Because the film was shot in Lake Tahoe, the film commission there supplied the producers with Miraflores wines and a variety of other local products. A Miraflores wine bottle made the cut, appearing on the table at a lavish party.

Although the appearance is brief, winery general manager Matricia Haigood was thrilled her wines had “made it to Hollywood.”

“I only wish they’d needed a human escort,” she said.