Cathie Anderson

Cathie Anderson: Sacramento bible college now offers its first graduate degree

Sacramento’s Epic Bible College began offering a graduate degree for the first time this semester, a master of arts in ethical leadership, to accommodate students who already have a bachelor’s degree.

“We’ve offered two associate’s and a bachelor degree for quite a while,” said Epic president Ronald Harden. “But we’ve had folks who will come in who already have a master’s or a doctoral degree in another field, whether it’s veterinary medicine or health or electronics, whatever it would be.”

Those students have come to a place in their lives where they want to know more about Jesus, the Bible and Christian faith, Harden said, and they are seeking graduate-level work that will challenge them. Harden told me he had wanted to offer a master’s degree for 15 years, but he first had to get the right facility, financing and faculty to earn the accreditation. All three things fell into place after Epic acquired a 30,000-square-foot campus at 4330 Auburn Blvd. in 2011.

Harden is already working toward a future when Epic can offer other graduate degrees: “Next year, we’d like to go to a master’s in bible and the next year after that, a master’s of divinity ... . If the person wanted to be a chaplain in the military or a chaplain in a hospital, they need to meet the requirements for the master’s of divinity.”

The ultimate goal, Harden said, is to be able to offer a doctorate of ministry in 2017.