Cathie Anderson

Cathie Anderson: Sacramento butcher to display skills back home, after Bay Area tour

Cathie Anderson
Cathie Anderson

Fresh off appearances in the Bay Area, butcher Danny Johnson of Taylor’s Market will take the stage at Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork Festival this weekend and demonstrate his skills.

The organizers of Oakland’s Eat Real Festival asked Johnson be part of an all-star lineup of butchers to do demonstrations last Saturday. At the same festival last year, Johnson and a team from Taylor’s Market defeated David Budworth, aka “Dave the Butcher,” and his crew from Marina Meats and Avedano's Holly Park Market in San Francisco. This year, Johnson and Budworth worked together to break up a hindquarter, interacting with the audience as they did so.

“They wanted to get away from the competition and do more of an educational demo,” Johnson said. “They wanted a variety of butchers so people could see different styles and aspects.”

By Monday, Johnson was in Napa where he and two other renowned butchers – Oscar Yedra and Joshua Applestone – held separate demonstrations at the Butcher’s Guild conference and summit. Johnson worked on lamb; Yedra, beef; and Applestone, pork.

“They set it up where the young guys can pick the older guys’ brains and get some knowledge from them,” Johnson said. “It used to be one of those trades where there were a lot of secrets, and you didn’t want to give away your secrets. They asked me nicely if I was open to people calling me. I said, ‘I got nothing to hide. I want to see the trade carried on.’”

At 12:30 p.m. Saturday, before a hometown crowd, Johnson will demonstrate how to break down half of a grass-fed Wintun Ranch beef cow, raised in Roseville.

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