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A Woodland mansion is listed for $3.9 million. Why SF residents may call it a bargain

FILE -- The 1885 Gable Mansion.
FILE -- The 1885 Gable Mansion. Yolo County chapter of American Red Cross

Perhaps the hottest home in the whole country to hit the real estate market this week, an immaculate Victorian mansion in Woodland boasts six bedrooms, 11,200 square feet and a gorgeous exterior, with a list price of $3.85 million.

And, with skyrocketing housing prices becoming a norm in Northern California, some Bay Area residents are saying that might be a steal. reported Friday that the Gable Mansion, a historical landmark built in 1885 for Yolo County pioneering ranchers, was the most popular listing of the week.

Featuring a beautiful exterior, recent renovations and modern commodities, it's easy to see why called the mansion at 659 1st St. in Woodland "stunning."

A write-up by Curbed mentions "complicated wallpapers, overwrought stained glass, soaring skylights, baroque woodwork, and elaborate ceilings" as sources of awe (and includes photos showing the mansion's interior as about as pristine as it gets). Curbed also notes the home cost $36,000 to build in the 19th century, which is about $900,000 in today's dollars.

As is generally the case, location dictates everything. Less than two hours away from the Bay Area, the Gable Mansion stirred up some buzz from San Francisco residents.

A story by SFGate suggests $3.85 million in San Francisco might net you a two-bed condo in a nice part of town. That's a far cry from a sprawling mansion with a swimming pool.

That story and a few social media comments wondered: How much would something like the Gable Mansion cost in San Francisco?

One commenter guessed at least $8 million. That might be conservative. Quick searches of real estate sites like Zillow and Redfin show a few mansions of similar quality and luxury going for between $6 million and $10 million — but they're about half the square footage of Gable.

The Gable Mansion has, for years, been the star attraction of its neighborhood. According to, the median list price in that neighborhood is $395,000. (This is a good illustration of why real estate websites use median prices for cities and neighborhoods rather than average prices, which the mansion would have skewed out of whack.)

For giggles, No. 2 on's list this week is a 5,000-plus-square-foot house in Toledo, Ohio. The asking price is now $7 — that's right, as in hand over a $10 bill and you'd get $3 back. But before you start checking your couch cushions for spare change, keep in mind that it's a fixer-upper in need of about $200,000 worth of work (and it did not sell at its previous listing of $777).

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