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This big Nevada ranch once owned by Bing Crosby selling for more than song and dance

A Nevada ranch once owned by Bing Crosby is for sale for $7.28 million.

He may have been a city boy from Tacoma, Washington, but Bing Crosby loved the outdoors, according to With his singing and acting career at its apex in the mid-1940s, Crosby started buying land around Elko, Nevada, the website reported.

He owned as many as seven ranches in the area, including Lawson Ranch, an 1860s homestead located 45 miles north of Elko on Highway 225. The ranch has 3,000 deeded acres and enough grazing land for 600 cows.

Crosby would escape from the glitz of Hollywood to the ranch for fishing and hunting and became a fixture around town, according to TopTenRealEstateDeals. After his first wife Dixie died in 1952, he started selling the ranches. The last sold in 1958.

“Completely reminiscent of the old west, yet complete with updated modern conveniences, including your own private airstrip and large airplane hangar, a full ranch headquarters, six center drive hay pivots, can run over 600 pair of cattle, and easy access to town, this is the quintessential turnkey western cattle ranch,” according to the official listing.

The ranch has a 5,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, five-bath main residence that is set up as a bed and breakfast. Three separate houses are on the property for guests or employees. There are two enclosed barns.

A scenic, tree-shaded pond next to the house is one of many. Seasonal wild flowers grow around the home. With snow-capped mountain views, the ranch is adjacent to a national forest. Foreman Creek runs through the property, as well.

The listing agent is Todd Renfrew of California Outdoor Properties, out of Vacaville, California.

“He could be himself there,” Renfrew told “He really wanted his kids to grow up on a ranch. He put them to work out there,”

The ranch has some of the oldest water rights in Nevada, according to California Outdoor Properties. The current owner purchased the property in 2010.

Crosby died in 1977 at age 76.

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