A hit-and-run driver dragged him for blocks. He crawled to a house for help

The man was standing outside his car, looking for something in the front seat, when a gray Nissan Versa roared past.

Then the Nissan was gone – taking the man with it

A hit-and-run driver dragged the man, hooked under the car’s front wheel well, for about a quarter-mile Sunday night in Los Angeles before fleeing, police told the Los Angeles Daily News.

“He was dragged for blocks until the car turned onto a side street that was a dead end and slowed down and the victim fell off,” Officer Mike Tirella told the publication. The man, who Tirella said had “nasty road rash,” crawled to a nearby house to seek help.

The man, who also suffered facial injuries, was taken to a hospital for treatment, reported KNBC. Police are seeking the driver, who fled after the man fell from the wheel well. Two women in the man’s car provided a description of the vehicle, which may have front-end damageon the passenger side, to police, officers said.

The incident took place at 11:30 p.m. in the Arlington Heights neighborhood, police told KTLA.

Including crashes involving pedestrians, Los Angeles saw about 55,350 traffic collisions in 2016, a 7 percent increase over 2015, reported the Los Angeles Times. In 2012, the city suffered a hit-and-run “epidemic,” with about 20,000 hit-and-run crashes recorded by police each year, representing about 48 percent of crashes in 2009, according to L.A. Weekly.