Photographer camera traps mountain lions in this stunning video shot near L.A.

Robert Martinez dropped a video on YouTube in February that captured in crystal clear imagery mountain lions on Sunset Ridge in the Angeles National Forest, west of Los Angeles.

You can even hear the mother cougar call out to her kittens.

The footage, shot with a motion sensor video camera, caught the mountain lions around 6 p.m. on February 23, 2018. It was posted to the YouTube channel Parliament of Owls.

"This treasure of the Angeles National Forest," Martinez wrote on his Facebook page. "Limpy the lion, has gifted the world with five healthy cougars in the last few years. Despite her limp, she is a symbol of survival and perseverance, able to hunt, feed and raise two litters of kittens. I'm looking forward to seeing more her and the family all throughout 2018."

Martinez is among a so-called group of camera trappers. He set several camera traps in likely areas visited by mountain lions, according to USA Today Sports.