Newlywed waterboarded and beat his 65-year-old bride for hours, L.A. police say

Richard David Schlosser II
Richard David Schlosser II Orange County District Attorney

The violence went on for hours, including punches, kicks, attacks with scissors and a candelabra, and even waterboarding, according to court documents.

Richard David Schlosser II, 36, attacked his 65-year-old wife of two months in their Newport Beach, California, apartment in a drug-induced rage on Jan. 5, prosecutors told City News Service.

“He kept her captive in the apartment for hours … He actually waterboarded her,” prosecutor Mark Geller told the publication.

In a request for a restraining order, the woman said Schlosser punched her, kicked her, hit her with a candelabra and cut her with scissors, according to the Los Angeles Times. A judge dismissed her request when the woman failed to appear at a February hearing.

Schlosser also choked the woman and shoved a towel down her throat, Geller told the Los Angeles Times.

He faces charges of torture, domestic violence, false imprisonment and criminal threats, according to court documents from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Schlosser, who could face life in prison if convicted, has pleaded not guilty.

At the time of the attack, Schlosser was out of jail on $50,000 bail in connection with a separate domestic violence case from December in Riverside County involving a 20-year-old woman, police told the Los Angeles Times.

Schlosser's attorney declined to comment on the case, reported the New York Post.