He attacked a barista, so a bystander slammed a milk crate into his face, cops say

Sean Seeman
Sean Seeman

He had a bad feeling about the heavily tattooed man he’d seen around Forestville, California, on Friday, Sean Michael Loundagin told The Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

So when the 53-year-old Sonoma County man saw the stranger enter Roasters Coffee Shop, he decided to check things out, reported the publication.

He entered to find parolee Sean Seeman, 26, standing over a 22-year-old barista, who was on the floor, with a sharp piece of scrap metal in his hands, he told the Press Democrat.

Seeman had entered the coffee shop 90 minutes earlier and stared at the barista as he drank two cups of coffee, making her nervous, reported KRON. He asked her to look after his belongings and stepped outside, but then rushed back inside and backed her into a corner, according to the station.

Seeman held the sharp scrap metal to her neck and tried to force her into the restroom, but she fell to the floor, KRON reported. That’s when Loundagin arrived, having seen Seeman re-enter after briefly going outside.

Loundagin confronted Seeman, who ordered him to leave and threw the scrap metal at him, but missed, reported Sgt. Spencer Crum of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Loundagin told the Press Democrat that he heard the barista call out, “‘Please help me, Sean. Sean, please help me.” He grabbed a milk crate and smashed it into Seeman’s face.

“I’m not mean,” Loundagin, a personal trainer and caretaker at a Sebastopol school, told the publication. “I’m a nice guy. But I had to stop him, and saying please wasn’t going to do it.”

Loundagin wrestled Seeman to the floor to await Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies, who arrested Seeman on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon, threats, false imprisonment, assault, battery and a parole violation, Crum reported.

Loundagin told the Press Democrat he’s embarrassed by people calling him a hero.

“I don’t know that you’re supposed to get credit for doing the right thing,” Loundagin said. “I helped a friend. Pretty simple.”

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