Love avocados but don’t want to go broke? You can get paid to eat them — for science

Southern Californians can get paid to eat avocados in this new research study.
Southern Californians can get paid to eat avocados in this new research study. AP file photo

If you are willing to eat one avocado every day for six months — or limit yourself to only two per month — you might be eligible for some free avocados and a $300 check.

And it’s all for science.

Loma Linda University has teamed up with Penn State University, Tufts University and the University of California Los Angeles to answer a big question: Can someone reduce the visceral adipose fat — that’s the dangerous kind of fat — in their abdomen by eating one avocado a day for six months?

The Habitual Diet and Avocado Trial — the HAT study, for short — will pay 1,000 people in hopes of answering whether avocado consumption “has an impact on the amount and distribution of fat in the body.”

Each university will recruit 250 participants for a total of 1,000 avocado eaters. Those 1,000 people will then be divided into two groups — the test group and the control group, according to a news release.

“The test group will be given 16 avocados every two weeks and required to eat one avocado per day throughout the six-month study,” Loma Linda University Health said in the release. “The control group will be required to eat no more than two avocados per month during the same period.”

To participate, you must live in or around the Inland Empire in Southern California. You also must be at least 25 years old and either 40 inches around the waist if you’re a man or 35 inches around the waste if you are a woman.

If you apply and are accepted into the research project, and if you successfully complete your part of it, you will receive a $300 stipend, small gifts throughout the six-month study, free avocados and some of your lab and test results.

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