Watch rescuers get creative to free a ‘stressed’ skunk from a California skate park

A group of brave rescuers put their nostrils on the line Thursday to help a skunk that was trapped in the bowl of a Northern California skate park.

A public works employee doing morning rounds at the Sebastopol skate park noticed the “stressed” animal had tumbled into one of the bowls the night before — trapping the skunk more than six feet below the level of the sidewalk, police wrote in a Facebook post on the incident.

The skunk wasn’t hurt, police said. But it was definitely stuck.

Police and Sonoma County parks workers responded to the park and launched a “daring” rescue, which involved taking pallets from parks workers’ truck to erect a ramp that the skunk could scale to escape the bowl, police said.

Rescuers wielding a board tried to prod the skunk toward the ramp so it could clamber up the pallets to the sidewalk, photos and videos police shared from the scene show.

“Come on, buddy,” one rescuer said as the skunk neared the top of the ramp, video shows. “No, keep going up. You’re almost there — go, go, go.”

Finally, the skunk did exactly as rescuers had hoped and reached the sidewalk.

“Yay, we got it,” the rescuer said.

The skunk then scurried off.

“Thanks to the good work of those involved, this situation resolved without anyone (including the skunk) being hurt or sprayed,” police wrote in the Facebook post.

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