California has the 10th sexiest accent in America — wait, we have an accent?

Did you know Californians had an accent?

Apparently, we do — and it’s ranked as the tenth-sexiest in the country by travel site Big 7.

“The typical Californian accent sounds similar to General American, meaning to American ears it isn’t an accent at all,” the site said. “But we’re here to tell you that it is.”

The typical Californian draws out their vowels, Big 7 said, so “dude really does become ‘duuuuuude.’“

But don’t be misled: the Californian accent is different from the “Valley Girl” accent that garnered mainstream fame in the 1980s, according to the list. That accent, which is called “California Valley,” ranked 46th out of 50 on the list.

The only accents less sexy were Alaskan, Minnesotan, New Jersey and Long Islander. Like, way harsh, man.

The rankings were compiled by surveying Big 7’s social audience of 1.5 million, the website said.

The sexiest accent is the Texan accent, which the website describes as Southern with a twist. What’s No. 2? Bostonian. Which begs the question: Who, exactly, thinks Bostonian accents are sexy?

The third-sexiest accent was the New York accent (again ... why?), while Maine, Chicago, Mississippi, Hawaii, Philadelphia and St. Louis filled out the rest of the top 10.

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