Divorces (9/13/14)

Fischgrabe, Dennis and Gomes, Christina, Aug. 29.

Aurelia Garcia and Lorenso Zamora, Sept. 2

Jason Durjava and Courtney Durjava, Sept. 2

Benjamin Hernandez and Lucia Tadeo, Sept. 3

Brandy Bearden and Byron Bearden, Sept. 3

Ana Quiroz and Audel Gallardo, Sept. 3

Jose Estrada and Alma Rios, Sept. 3

Leticia Salazar and Louis Gonzales, Sept. 3

Pedro Solano and Claudia Solano, Sept. 3

Brian Bamber and Kathryn Bamber, Sept. 4

Maria Costa and David Costa, Sept. 4

Nadine Reyes and Mario Reyes, Sept. 5