McCabe retains presiding judge seat in Merced County

Brian L. McCabe will remain Merced Superior Court’s presiding judge for another two years, officials announced this week.

McCabe, 53, was elected by his peers to serve his third consecutive term as presiding judge. His next two-year term formally begins Jan. 1, and ends Dec. 31, 2016. The presiding judge has the authority and duties prescribed in the California Rules of Court, Linda Romero Soles, the court’s chief executive officer, said in a news release.

The judges hold the internal election every other year.

McCabe, a former Merced attorney for about 15 years, was appointed to the bench in 2005 by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He filled a vacancy created when Judge Betty Dawson was appointed in 2003 to the 5th District Court of Appeal in Fresno, according to news archives.

Judge Donald J. Proietti was elected assistant presiding judge, officials reported.

Proietti, 60, was appointed to the bench in 2009 by Schwarzenegger. The former civil attorney joined the bench as part of a 2006 legislative bill that created 50 more judge positions across the state.

The assistant presiding judge is assigned duties as the presiding judge deems necessary and acts as presiding judge in McCabe’s absence, Romero Soles said in the statement.

Judge Ronald W. Hansen is currently the assistant presiding judge. His term ends Dec. 31.