How big is the burn area of California’s wildfires? It would engulf several major cities

As wildfires continue to burn in California, here’s a look at the size of the burned areas compared to cities – and even a state.

California’s major wildfires have burned more than 330 square miles, the state Governor’s Office of Emergency Service said Tuesday.

That is about equal to the size of Sacramento, about 100.1 square miles; Fresno, about 114.7 square miles; San Francisco, about 46,87 square miles; and Oakland, about 77.86 square miles, combined.

The area burned has surpassed the size of New York City’s five boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island – which measure about 305 square miles, SFGate reports.

The burn area is also more than a quarter – 27 percent – the size of Rhode Island, which is about 1,214 square miles, and larger than Chicago, which is 234 square miles. It’s also 65 percent the size of the city of Los Angeles, which is about 503 square miles.

Firefighters have said they are finally beating the blazes in Northern California, but a new fire erupted in the Santa Cruz Mountains and a large fire – now contained – hit Orange County in Southern California.

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