Water & Drought

Should I move to Sacramento or stay put because of the drought?

Q: I am considering moving from Cary, North Carolina, to Sacramento this summer. I don’t have to move now but my question is this: Should I stay put and wait this drought out, or should I forget about it and come on out? – Robert Phillips, Cary, NC

A: This drought is bad, no question. Residents across the Sacramento region are cutting back water use and will have to conserve further unless we get significantly more rain in the next month or two. That will create hardship – and brown lawns.

But with recent storms, water levels at Folsom Reservoir – a primary water source for the region – have roughly doubled in the last month. They’re still low, but no longer expected to fall below the point at which water cannot be drawn.

There are several towns across California that are in danger of running out of water in the short term. The state legislature recently passed a bill to bring them relief. But Sacramento is not one of those communities, and because it traditionally has been among the state’s biggest water users per capita, there is a lot more that can be done through conservation to stretch its freshwater resources.

Make no mistake: This isn’t Cary, NC. You and your neighbors along the East Coast typically get three or four inches of rain every month. Here, most of our rain comes in the winter, and we often need to conserve it to make it last.

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