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Interactive: See where home loan applications are most often denied

During 2008, lenders denied about 32 percent of loan applications in the Sacramento region, way up from the 16 percent denied in 2005 during the housing boom, according to data released by the federal government earlier this week. By far, the most applications denied last year were in poorer sections of the region that relied heavily on subprime lending during the boom.

This map breaks down the 2008 loan denial rate for every census tract in the Sacramento region, based on where the applicant wanted to buy a home. Click a tract to see details.


U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Note: The federal government collects data on every mortgage application, telling lenders to detail the outcome. Possible outcomes are A) loan approved and originated; B) loan approved, but the borrower decided not to go through with it; C) loan denied; D) loan application withdrawn before decision on approval or E) loan application file closed because it was incomplete. Data for this map includes loan applications falling into A, B, or C, but excludes loan applications in D or E.