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See which counties have the most people attending religious services

A lot of fuss has been made over a series of local billboards promoting atheism -- someone vandalized one of the billboards with a pro-religion message over the weekend.

California is a pretty religious state -- about 54 percent of residents regularly attended religious services during 2000, which is pretty typical for the nation but well below the 80 percent rates found in Utah and Louisiana, according to a nationwide survey of congregations conducted by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. But there is wide disparity across the state in religious adherents -- Northern California generally has fewer regular church/mosque/temple attendees than Southern California.

This map shows the percentage of residents in each county attending religious services. Click a county for more details. ...


Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies.

Note: Statisticians surveyed nearly every major religious denomination; most filled out the survey. Several African-American denominations did not fill out the survey; statisticians estimated their numbers, and the estimates are used in this map. To see which religious bodies participated,

you can look at the counts for Sacramento County.

The map shows where congregations are located; not where churchgoers live.