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California taxes: Who's paying the most?

It's tax time in California again -- state tax returns must be filed by April 15. But who is paying the most state income taxes? Which counties bear the most burden? And how much have state taxes gone up over the years? Check out the graphics below to see ...

Here's the breakdown:

· The wealthy are paying about two-thirds of the state's income taxes.

· California's cities are largely subsidizing rural areas.

· Average income taxes paid have risen sharply.

· But, even with inflation, most Californians earn more than they did a few decades ago.

An uneven burden

State taxes paid by income group, tax year 2007

Big cities pay bigger share

Average tax bill jumps sharply

Average state tax paid per return, 1968-2007 (with inflation adjustment, too)

Incomes rising, other taxes falling

Income and total taxes paid as a proportion of personal income, 1968-2007

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