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Database: See who's giving to Obama, Romney, others

It's early in the election cycle, but California residents have already given almost $18 million to 2012 presidential candidates. President Obama has raised more cash than all Republicans combined - $10.1 million. Mitt Romney leads Republicans with $4 million raised, followed by Rick Perry ($1.2 million) and Ron Paul ($791,000). Upstart candidate Herman Cain hasn't translated his support into donations here yet - he's raised less than $150,000 in California through September.

Use this database to see who's giving in your county and city.

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Notes: Contributions through September 30, 2011. Only donors giving more than than $200 are shown. Some donors shown have given more than the maximum of $2,500 per person. In almost all of these cases, the campaigns have asked the donor to "reattribute" the donation to a spouse or a different branch of the campaign (primary vs. general), else the candidate must refund the amount over $2,500.