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How many Subway restaurants can Sacramento County support?

The recession hit many Sacramento restaurants hard. But not Subway.

Subway is now by far the most common restaurant chain in Sacramento County, county records show. It went from 71 locations in the county during 2005 to 113 locations today.

That makes it twice as prevalent in Sacramento County as McDonald's restaurants; three times as common as Carl's Jr.'s eateries and almost ten times as common as Wendy's restaurants.

Many other fast food chains in the Sacramento region are growing, too. Among large chains, Panda Express and Little Ceaser's each more than doubled the number of restaurants in the county during the last eight years, though both still lag Subway in total locations by a wide margin.

Unlike McDonald's or Carl's Jr., Subway restaurants are generally not located in freestanding buildings. They require a relatively small number of workers. Nationwide, Subway now has the most restaurant locations, though McDonald's still makes more revenue.

This map shows the five most prevalent restaurant chains in Sacramento County. Use the tab at the top to scroll between chains.

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Source: Sacramento County Environmental Management Department. (The county maintains a database of resaturants for the purpose of food safety inspections.)