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See Sacramento neighborhoods with best schools, least crime, highest home values

As the number of homeowners "underwater" on their loans dwindles and home prices rise, Sacramento residents are finally free to move around the region without taking a big financial hit.

To mark the occasion, we've created a series of interactive maps to answer some of the most common questions home buyers ask when considering a move into a neighborhood.

How much crime is in the neighborhood? How are the schools? How affordable are the homes? How much have home values grown? How prevalent is poverty? Will children born there be able to grow up healthy?

Use the buttons below to scroll between the answers to those questions. Type an address to zoom to an area. Click an area for more details.

Each public school student takes standardized tests. The state uses results to create a composite score, called the API. The state goal for all schools is an API of 800 or higher.


Sources: Best-performing schools: California Department of Education | Home values and home appreciation: | Robbery rate: Sacramento Police Department; Sacramento Sheriff's Department; FBI; U.S. Census Bureau | Poverty rate: U.S. Census Bureau | Life expectancy: Social Science Research Council via Health Happens in California.

Notes: Best-performing schools: It's possible to live in one Zip code and attend school in another. If you plan to live at the edge of a Zip code, pay attention to the one adjacent to your home as well | Home values and home appreciation: In a handful of sparsely-populated Zip codes, home sales data was used instead of home values data | Robbery rate: Citywide data used for areas outside the Sacramento Police and Sheriff's Department jurisdictions.