See San Juan Unified's most sought-after schools

By Phillip Reese -

More than 1,600 San Juan Unified elementary students applied this year to attend a school other than their assigned neighborhood school, according to a Bee review of district data.

The district allows "open enrollment" at its schools. Parents can either send their children to their assigned neighborhood school, or they can apply to send their children to a different school.

Starr King K-8 experienced the biggest losses this year. Schools near Starr King picked up many of its would-be students.

Most of the schools that drew the most applicants, including open enrollment schools, had higher student test scores than the districtwide average and fewer students living in poverty. Test scores and poverty are often closely correlated.

This graphic shows the elementary schools that parents were most likely to leave under open enrollment this school year - and the schools where they were most likely to send their children instead.

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Source: San Juan Unified

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Notes: Test scores shown are a weighted, three-year average covering 2011 to 2013. Poverty figures are based on the proportion of students on free and reduced lunch in 2014-15.