Interactive: How foreclosures gutted the housing market in three Sacramento communities

By Phillip Reese

Few places in America grew faster during the housing boom than Elk Grove, North Natomas and Lincoln. And few places in America have seen larger drops in home values during the bust.

These maps show every foreclosure in all three neighborhoods, over time, during the last six years.

Elk Grove was Sacramento's high-profile boom town. Six years ago, the census bureau named it the fastest-growing large city in America. Then, this happened:

Foreclosures in southwest Elk Grove, 2006-2012

data sources

North Natomas rose from farmland to become a community of 50,000, all in the space of a few years at the start of the last decade. Then, this happened:

Foreclosures in Regency Park area of North Natomas, 2006-2012

data sources

The Placer County suburb of Lincoln tripled in size during the housing boom, going from 11,000 residents to 35,000 residents in just six years. Then, this happened:

Foreclosures in southeast Lincoln, 2006-2012

data sources

Largely due to foreclosures, housing prices in all three neighborhoods have plummeted more than 50 percent.

Data sources: Foreclosure data from ... Parcel data from Sacramento County Treasurer and Placer County GIS ... Home price data from

Note: Some homes were foreclosed more than once over a six-year period. In those cases, only the first foreclosure is shown.