Bay Bridge

Interactive map: California bridges under investigation

Caltrans engineers found irregularities in test data for foundations of freeway structures noted here. Many were tested by Duane Wiles, a former Caltrans technician who has admitted to falsifying data. In many other cases, not shown, suspect bridges were not named. The impact of most irregularities has not yet been determined.

In seven structures, test data irregularities were confirmed by Caltrans as likely or certain. In those cases, agency engineers wrote that the irregularities are considered to have a consequential impact. In many other cases, Caltrans engineers found data problems for these structures but have not yet evaluated their significance. Some bridges have multiple data problems at different stages of investigation.

Use the map controls to zoom in on the bridges, which are all located in the San Francisco Bay Area or in Southern California.

Note: The precise location of the bridges, ramps and and signs are not always available from Caltrans documents, so these locations are approximate.

Sources: Caltrans, Bee reporting by Charles Piller

Map by Nathaniel Levine

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