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Experts consulted by The Sacramento Bee for this report

The Sacramento Bee spoke with numerous U.S. and European experts about tendon corrosion and related construction issues. The following summarizes some of the engineering and professional credentials of those quoted or referenced.

John P. Broomfield

Private consultant

Credentials: Ph.D., Oxford University; widely published, internationally known, United Kingdom-based expert on corrosion of steel within concrete; recipient of 2013 Distinguished Lectureship Award for career achievement from the Transportation Research Board, the pre-eminent U.S. scientific society in the field.

Nick Buenfeld

Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

Credentials: Ph.D., University of London; Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering; member of editorial board, Magazine of Concrete Research; prolific author and global leader on research about corrosion of steel within bridges and other structures.

Thomas M. Devine

Professor, UC Berkeley

Credentials: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; former chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley; recipient of awards for corrosion research from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, the American Society for Metals and the American Society for Testing and Materials; author of numerous studies concerning stress corrosion cracking; holds 16 patents.

Neil M. Hawkins

Emeritus professor, University of Illinois

Credentials: Ph.D., University of Illinois; former head, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois; author of many papers and recipient of numerous awards in relevant fields; fellow of the American Concrete Institute; Titan of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Industry; past director of the American Concrete Institute, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and the Post-Tensioning Institute.

Michael E. Kreger

Professor, Purdue University

Credentials: Ph.D., University of Illinois; author of numerous studies on post-tensioning, corrosion and related topics; recipient of T.Y. Lin Award.

James M. Thompson

Associate teaching professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Credentials: Ph.D., Lehigh University; structural engineer with substantial private-sector experience; has studied the dynamic behavior of long-span bridges.

Samuel I. Schwartz

Chief executive, Sam Schwartz Engineering

Credentials: Nearly 40 years of transportation engineering experience; former New York City traffic commissioner and chief engineer for city highways and bridges, managing a $1 billion budget; visiting scholar at New York University.

Maher K. Tadros

Emeritus professor, University of Nebraska

Credentials: Ph.D., University of Calgary; holds several relevant patents; Titan of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Industry; recipient of many awards and author of numerous scholarly writings on related topics.

Merrill Walstad

Engineer in private practice

Credentials: Member of Post-Tensioning Institute Technical Advisory Board; member of that group's Hall of Fame.

Richard E. Weyers

Emeritus professor, Virginia Technical University

Credentials: Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University; recipient of multiple awards from the American Concrete Institute; author of hundreds of scholarly publications on corrosion of steel within concrete and related issues.

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