County records give glimpse of 6-year-old Jadianna’s short, troubled life

Jadianna Larsen
Jadianna Larsen Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

Records released Monday by Sacramento Child Protective Services reveal that Jadianna Larsen’s contact with the agency began shortly after she was born and continued until a month before her death.

An emergency response referral information form dated Oct. 29, 2008, states that the baby was in a neonatal intensive-care unit, that her parents were homeless and that they had no supplies, including a car seat, for caring for the infant upon her release from the hospital.

Thus began the life of the youngster whose burned body was found May 28 in a remote field off a road in rural Glenn County.

Juan Rivera, 25, the boyfriend of Jadianna’s mother, Tenecia Clark, was arrested on suspicion of killing the girl. Clark left Jadianna in Rivera’s care after she checked into a mental health facility for psychological issues, according to her family.

Rivera’s mother, Lisa Suzanne Burton, 46, also was arrested as an accessory after the fact. Authorities accuse her of trying to cover up the crime.

Jadianna’s father, Richard Larsen, is jailed at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Elk Grove for petty theft and narcotics offenses.

In a recent interview with The Sacramento Bee, Larsen said he and Clark were homeless when Jadianna was born. He said he had drug problems and Clark had “mental disabilities.” The baby was taken by Child Protective Services while still in the hospital and spent her first year in foster care, Larsen said.

Redacted records released Monday by CPS contain other reports received by the agency during Jadianna’s six years, regarding her care and living conditions, including:

▪ Jan. 18, 2012: A report of general neglect and inadequate supervision states that the 3-year-old child was seen in a residential facility’s community room with people who were looking at pornography on a computer.

▪ April 12, 2012: Also at age 3, she was reported in the company of someone using marijuana.

▪ Oct. 10, 2013: At 4 years old, she was reported sitting outside an apartment crying at 1:50 a.m.

▪  March 17, 2014: A report was received of a registered sex offender in the home.

▪ April 22, 2015: The child reportedly was found alone in an apartment in an independent living facility.

The final referral is dated June 2, 2015, reporting that the 6-year-old’s body was discovered in a fire.

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