Nursing Homes

Coming: California’s largest nursing-home owner under fire from government regulators

Over the last decade, Los Angeles businessman Shlomo Rechnitz has fast become the state’s largest nursing-home owner. His chain has grown so quickly that he now controls about 1 in every 14 nursing-home beds in California, giving him an outsized influence on quality of care in the state.

In the past year, multiple alarms have been raised about this relative newcomer to the industry and the care provided in some of his homes. Health inspectors have documented a range of alleged violations, from dangerously low food supplies to unsanitary conditions that have sickened patients and staff. Rechnitz, an entrepreneur and active philanthropist, has an altogether different view of his recent series of regulatory troubles.

In a special report, The Sacramento Bee examines this controversial nursing-home operation and the man at the top. Look for this story on Saturday at and Sunday in print.

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