Wildlife Investigation

Videos: Target and non-target animals often suffer

Flat Top Tragedy

Rare footage of Wildlife Services aerial gunning in 2011, from Lynne Stone, Boulder White Clouds Council, an environmental group in Idaho:

Maggie's Story: Save Our Pets

More about Maggie, a dog killed in a Wildlife Services body-grip trap in Oregon in 2011, from Predator Defense, an environmental group in Oregon:

Meet Bella, Husky Who Lost Leg to Unmarked Trap

The story of Bella, a dog caught in a Wildlife Services neck snare in the Boise National Forest in 2010, from Predator Defense:

End Federal Trapping At Oregon State University

Video of a raccoon caught in a Wildlife Services neck snare in Oregon earlier this year, from Predator Defense:

Wild Things

View a trailer of "Wild Things", a 30-minute documentary by Natural Resources Defense Council about the agency to be released this summer:

Living With Coyotes

Bill Jensen, a Marin County rancher, talks with Sacramento Bee reporter Tom Knudson, in October 2011, about how he no longer relies on the federal government for predator control:

Project Coyote

View a University of California, Berkeley video about predator control in Marin County and rancher Bill Jensen:

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