Weekend catch-up: 7 stories you don't want to miss

Sacramento Bee staff

Here are seven stories from the weekend that you will want to catch up on before the work week hits.

1) Sherri Papini’s family holds out hope in missing ‘supermom’ case

Tje 34-year-old mother vanished after going on a jog Nov. 2. She left behind a husband and two children – a 4-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy.

2) Sacramento may ask pot growers to give 1 percent to neighborhoods

Continuing a nearly yearlong debate, the Sacramento City Council on Tuesday will once again consider how marijuana could legally be grown in Sacramento, and who would profit.

3) Is Sites Reservoir a savior for the Sacramento Valley – or a Delta tunnels project in disguise?

An hour north of Sacramento, in a ghost town tucked into a remote mountain valley, California is poised to build a massive new reservoir – a water project of a size that hasn’t been undertaken since Jerry Brown’s first stint as governor in the 1970s.

4) A talker: This is how a Trump hater made peace with a Trump presidency

5) Popular on Twitter: Grant High keeps slain cornerback JJ Clavo’s memory alive

It was one year ago Sunday. While leaving campus for a quick meal before that evening’s scheduled postseason opener, JJ Clavo and four of his teammates were at a stoplight less than a mile away when a gunman shot into the car. JJ was hit in the neck. Malik Johnson took a bullet to the shoulder.

6) Editorial: California to Trump - America can’t afford for us to fail

The policies of President-elect Donald Trump and his Republican Congress don’t look good for California.


7) Popular on video: