Weekend catch-up: 7 stories you don’t want to miss

Christmas on Cobb Mountain

The Leonard family, who lost their home in the 2015 Valley fire, are continuing with the rebuilding process.
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The Leonard family, who lost their home in the 2015 Valley fire, are continuing with the rebuilding process.

Here are seven stories from the weekend that you will want to catch up on before the work week hits.

1) Recovery on Cobb Mountain: Renewal stirs in a fire-scarred community

The small community of Cobb Mountain in southern Lake County works to rebuild itself after the devastating 2015 Valley Fire. Fueled by drought-parched trees and wind, that wildfire destroyed nearly 1,300 dwellings, wiped out 76,067 acres of forestland and killed four people, ranking it among the most destructive ever in California.

Nearly 12 months after their Lake County home was reduced to concrete and ash in the Valley Fire, David and Cindy Leonard are struggling to reclaim their lives. They want to stay in Cobb, but face a daunting series of obstacles to rebuild.

2) The fastest growing county in California is … Yolo?

3) Raiders feel the pain despite win over Colts

The pain for the Raiders might have been even worse. Quarterback Derek Carr broke his right leg in the fourth quarter, sending Oakland into its first postseason in 14 years with backup quarterback Matt McGloin at the helm.

The left tackle says "I've never gotten a quarterback hurt in my whole career."

The victory over the Colts "came with a setback" -- a serious injury to quarterback Derek Carr.

4) A talker: The grieving mother who refuses to hate the teenager accused of killing her son

JJ Clavo was shot in the neck hours before he was to suit up for a football game for Grant High School in Del Paso Heights. Since his death, his mother, Nicole, has rejected anger. Marcos Breton column.

5) Popular on Twitter: Sacramento County is poised to expand urban farming. Here’s a look at what could come.

Chanowk Yisrael already has the pop-up tent for the farm stand he’ll operate on Roosevelt Avenue as soon as Sacramento County gives him the go-ahead. Just blocks away in the city of Sacramento, his neighbors are already allowed to sell produce on their properties under a 2015 ordinance.

6) Popular on Facebook: Missing Auburn man found in a ‘Christmas miracle on Miracle Drive’

7) Popular on video: Christmas gift package stolen from front door

A Sacramento woman took to Facebook in an attempt to identify the person who stole a package from her front door the day. Kirsten Larsen, who lives near Main and Norwood avenue, said the package contained Christmas gifts for her 9-year-old daught