Weekend catch-up: 7 stories you don’t want to miss

Tom Heliker removes sand bags from his pickup truck at his house on Friday, January 6, 2017 in Wilton.
Tom Heliker removes sand bags from his pickup truck at his house on Friday, January 6, 2017 in Wilton. rpench@sacbee.com

Here are seven stories from the weekend that you will want to catch up on before the work week hits.

1) A new neighborhood rises from the empty blocks of midtown’s southern edge

If all goes as planned, this overlooked part of the central city will emerge as one of Sacramento’s most densely populated neighborhoods.

Along R Street between 16th and 18th streets, a village of offices, shops and apartments called Ice Blocks is rising fast on the site of the former Crystal Ice plant, which burned to the ground in November 2015.

2) Sacramento Regional Sanitation District seeks next rate hike for wastewater plant upgrade project

Operators of a massive public works upgrade to the Sacramento region’s wastewater treatment plant are seeking a $4 monthly rate increase as of mid-2021 to finance continuing work at the project near Interstate 5 and Elk Grove.

3) Sacramento-area students learn civics through experience. Others could follow their lead

It’s one thing for students to learn about civics in a classroom, another to organize clothes drives, plant community gardens or register voters.

4) A talker: Arden Fair mall owner stands by holiday teen ban despite controversy

Arden Fair mall owner Mark Friedman doesn’t mind teenagers. But he could do without the ones that come to his mall to fight and steal.

Mariah Thompson, 18, spoke at Thursday's Sacramento City Council meeting with her grandmother, Pearlie Barton, and mother, Mary Barton, about their concerns that Arden Fair mall racially profiled patrons while enforcing a controversial ban on unac

5) Popular on Twitter: Mindy Romero: It wasn’t just Russia that interfered in the election

“An assault on voting rights anywhere in our nation is an attack on our democracy,” writes the director of the California Civic Engagement Project at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change.

6) Popular on Facebook: DNA, cellphone pings link suspect to killing of Jadianna Larsen

Jadianna Larson’s clothing contained traces of DNA linked to the man accused of killing the 6-year-old Sacramento girl and setting her body on fire near a rural Glenn County road in May 2015, a detective testified at a preliminary hearing in the girl’s death.

7) Popular on video: January 1997 Northern California flood: Broken levees, mudslides, homes under water

Floodwaters in January 1997 inundated 250 square miles of California's Central Valley, damaging or destroying 23,800 homes and 1,900 businesses. Nine people died and 120,000 residents were evacuated.