Oroville dam workers fired for posting photos online

Photos and videos of water gushing from the Oroville Dam spillway, many shot by journalists and authorized state photographers, have lit up social media since the crisis at America's tallest dam began in early February.

But private contractors repairing the dam have fired five employees in recent days for posting images taken on the job.

Chris Orrock, Department of Water Resources spokesman for the Oroville spillway incident, said at least one of the fired workers was employed by Syblon Reid, a contractor working on repairs to fortify the dam's emergency spillway. Four other private employees were also dismissed. None worked for state or other public agencies, Orrock said.

“They were workers for a couple of our contractors and they violated the contractors' policy (of not posting photos taken on the job), and the contractors fired them,” Orrock said Tuesday.

“It's just a safety issue,” he said. “If you're out there taking photos and posting video, you're not doing your job properly.”